Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wind it up

The 2014 tri season has been a study in patience and persistence with miniscule movement forward only to be pushed back like a running back going in for a touchdown.  After consistent pain in the lower leg/toes and Achilles region of my legs I went to the orthopedic doctor.  The good news is there is no bone or ligament damage just weak muscles.  Twelve weeks of solid physical therapy with Justin at Trinity Wellness Center and I am on the right path.  However, as a runner first and foremost being told that was off the table until strength and stability joined the party was tough mentally. 

And WOW … who knew PT was so tough.  At the suggestion of Justin, I went the Graston route and while it may not be for everyone it has worked wonders for me.  He said I’d eventually ask for it… and while I was writhing in pain on the table and threatening retribution I was thinking not in this lifetime buddy.  He was right – I don’t think it will ever feel “good” but it certainly accelerates the stretching I do on my own.  He also built out a set of exercises and stretches that compliments my current tri training schedule.  It is complete with specific timing to maximize my time strength training since tri training is a full schedule on its own.  It is now a regular part of my triathlon training and I don’t see it going anywhere.  I would be remiss if I didn’t note that my coach is 100% behind holistic training and the philosophy that a balanced athlete is a strong athlete. Without her support and flexibility, this Spring would have been a whole lot harder.

I ran my first half marathon of the season in April and it’s a stretch to call it a run.  My coach and I decided that a 3 mile run set with a 1 mile walk in between would keep me in the best health seeing as how my longest run had been 9 miles.  It was tough to stick to it on the front end but I am determined not to backslide as result of something I can control or arrogance.  Knowing when adrenaline is a friend or foe is critical.  I am running the Midtown-Raleigh 10k in two weeks to see what I can shoot for the remainder of 2014.  

With a full slate of races scheduled the sooner my legs are happy the stronger and faster I'll be.

Happy training!

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