Friday, November 4, 2011

1001 -The Countdown begins

Last month, while out to dinner with my husband, I ran into an old friend.  After exchanging the usual pleasantries and catching up we got down to the nitty, gritty - aren't those the best of friends?!  She inquired as to how married life was going as I've been married on the lean side of a year.  I replied that it is not for the feint of heart.  A sharp laugh accompanied an understanding smile, with the observation that the strong personalities of both my husband and I certainly adds an extra kick to the mix in our marriage.  Going a bit further, I commented that the most glaring piece of incomplete advice I'd received was all about communication...Naturally, the 14 months of engagement I heard all about communication being the cornerstone of a good union.  To the old friend, I stated to me that its not been about communication... its about the quality of communication.
The old friend said "you should start a blog," strongly insinuating that perhaps I have a modicum of wisdom to share.  Fret not, she has been the recipient of other pearls of wisdom on which to base this suggestion.  I should also mention in all fairness that she too is a wise and generous friend.

The seed was planted.

Having blogged a bit during the meltdown of '08 it was not entirely outside the sandbox to contemplate prattling through this medium with the huge exception that this blog will be about the experiences and amazing mentors and coaches I've had the privaledge to know not about the metrics and mental status of the markets.  Or, for anyone reading this that knows me .... less about the rational and more about the irrational.

I thought about it the next day driving home from the job I have where I feel like Marilyn from The Munsters.... and thought why do people blog?!  I hardly write into my Alumni magazine because my vanity does not extend itself to think that my life is any more or less interesting that someone else's, its just mine.  So do people blog to validate themselves and on the off chance find a following of folks that are similiar and provide some external validation?  I think some folks blog because they do have an inordinate number of original thoughts or way they frame the world is enlightening and are immediately inundated with followers.  I continued to think about it.  Tonight the seed seemed to take bloom and gently push through dirt seeking what I know not what yet.

So here's to a minimum of 1001 posts, contributing positive energy to the universe and honing how I move through the world ... like my dad used to say.... Little corrections all the time.
Enjoy and share.