Tuesday, November 12, 2013

2014 Race Calendar In the Works

2014 Race Schedule

It seems only fitting to be putting this together with biotta juice and prosecco in hand... After a successful foray into the world of Triathlon, I am hooked.  A huge part of my mental and physical success is the AG Team Rev3 - thanks y'all!

April 13, 2014 Rock 'n' Roll comes to Raleigh!  Rock 'n' Roll
     Let's hope this lives up to Rock 'n' Roll Las Vegas both in entertainment 
      and PR!
   Bright and early at 7AM - the Half-Marathon
    Goal time: 1:47

May 18, 2014
Rev3 Knoxville Olympic
  Goal time -- anytime would be better after last year's

June 15, 2014
   Headed up to Williamsburg to support Team Rev 3

June 21-22, 2014
    Goal time:  TBD by Coach and Athlete

July - 

BIRTHDAY MONTH -- Sweet treats both to drink and eat and all the sun and sand I can take in!

September 7 -  Rev3 Cedar Point
    Rev 3 Cedar Point Olympic
Goal time:  TBD by Coach and Athlete

November 2013 - Seems only fitting to cap it off in Florida with my Rev3 Family!
      Rev3 Venice FL

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